Kyotaro & Rikuo

Sometimes the best place to find the greatest underground music is on the streets of Japan. There, you can see the boldest and the coolest musicians in town. Finding a good ban on the streets of Japan can be a treasure hunt but, when you do find one, that hunt will pay off.

Kyotaro & Rikuo is one of those treasures that can be found on the streets of Osaka and Tokyo.  This duo brings a kind of fire and uniqueness to the way that they approach music and musical composition. Their band is just a guy on bass and a guy on drum but the simplicity does not undermine the power of the sound. You can feel the raw passion and talent come through very clearly. What’s more, they bring a very Japanese feel to the tunes they create.

Both Kyotaro & Rikuo are from Osaka, which is famous for its bold and expressive people.  Folks from Osaka are loud and wild.  You can hear it in the sound of this duo’s groove.


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