Although this site is dedicated to the Japanese underground, KenKen has made a name for himself in the major scene by playing bass for mega bands Rize and Dragon Ash.  He has reached stratospheric heights but continues to stay firmly anchored in the Japanese underground. KenKen can be seen in nightclubs DJing at events, playing small venues to support local artists, and hosting jam sessions.  He is also known for helping young musicians find their place in the musical world. That’s why he is included on this site.

Without exaggeration, KenKen is one of the most powerful and dynamic bass players alive in the Japanese scene.   His musical journey started at the age of 8 when he began learning to play the bass, drums and other instruments. Over time he developed his own unique style of playing by listening to a variety of musical genres from punk, rock and funk to jazz and other styles. His slap pick technique combined with his ferocious speed helped him stand out as a formidable musician.

Under his credits is a project he started called Life is Groove, which brought together musical prodigy, Ryunosuke Yamagishi on guitar, Monsieur Kamayatsu (RIP) on vocals and guitar, and KenKen on bass.  It was a band that truly embodied the spirit of the Japanese underground because it held at its core philosophy the idea that music and creative expression is one of life’s most important elements. Unfortunately,Monsieur Kamayatsu, passed away recently.  On his deathbed, he thanked KenKen for allowing him to be part of the band.

KenKen is a humble and hard working musician who continues to be part of the Japanese underground no matter how high he soars.


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