King Gnu


King Gnu can be seen in and around  the Japanese jam session scene.  In particular, members of King Gnu were regulars at the jam session, Battle of Study, an event where musicians from all over the country would get together for a biweekly jam.  The session was started by Motoharu Fukuda, former saxophonists for the band Soil & Pimp Sessions and currently throwing fire for Speak No Evil.  The purpose of the event was for musicians to hone their skills in various styles and genres. Every session, a new theme would be chosen. All of the night’s jam would centered on that theme; for example, jazz, hip hop, funk, soul, and even the music of the Beatles.

King GNU has been getting lots of attention recently. Every bit of it has been well-deserved.  Their sound is pop and rock but the songs drip with amazing bass lines and strong steady groove.  The composition is unpredictable and complex making them more that your average pop band.

One of the things that is also striking about the band is it’s sense of artistry.  The video and images of the band are done is a high style that show their awareness of design and the impact it can have on their audience.  Of course, design never ever overshadows the quality of sound.

Up up and up…that is where they are headed and good on them.


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