Soil & Pimp Sessions

Soil & Pimp Sessions represents one of the signature sounds of Tokyo, which is cool, jazzy, funky, and wild.  These dudes created a genre called death jazz.  Their live performances will make your body wiggle and your mind explode.

This is the first band to be featured on UFUx.  The reason is because they represent the heart and soul of the Japanese underground. These hard-working men literally began on the streets of Tokyo where they one toiled in front of Seibu department store and in in jam sessions around the city.  Their instruments filled the Tokyo air with the power of musical madman like genius. From the streets they moved to the clubs. From the clubs they have traveled the world.

Over the years Soil & Pimp Sessions have risen to a cultlike status. What’s best about this band is the fact that no matter how big they get they stay connected to their underground roots.

Soil & Pimp Session are on Victor Records and also Brownswood Records

Check this out.  Soil & Pimp Sessions live at Roundhouse in London.

Watch the full video on YouTube


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