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Beneath the harmony of orderly lines at train stations and traffic that obeys the rules, there is an invisible chaos. Many people in Tokyo live artificial lives in front of computer screens in offices that mimic dystopic nightmares. Day after day the grind wears thin on the soul. In that space, many dream the worlds beyond.  Utae sounds as if she is also one of those dreamers. Inside of her songs, there is a playful yearning to dance in electric fields with electric flowers under the electric skies.  It’s the kind of music to ride trains to and watch the landscape roll by as people come and go.  Rose colored glasses for the ears, she transforms the steel, concrete, and neon signs of the people-packed Tokyo into the melodic fantasyland.

Utae is a model and radio personality.  She is aspiring to be “the ultimate final form of the ‘desktop music artiste.’”