Experimental soul is how WONK describes their music.  It is a blend of hip-hop, soul, beats, blips and mysterious sounds.  It really is different, unique and somewhat indescribable. Experimental soul doesn’t come close to telling anyone who has never heard of WONK what to expect.  On their website they try to describe their own sound by writing

“A thriving, pulsing, ball of energy channeled through creative genius and restless ambition.  We focus on breaking down the genre barriers and touching the hearts of music lovers.”

There is some truth to that.  Calling their music experimental soul is like trying to put away the Christmas tree in a box you borrowed from the neighbor.  The box is too small.  The ornaments and tinsel are hanging out and you have no idea how you are going to stuff all the branches inside.

I think you need to click the link and listen for yourself to know what I mean.




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