Japan has always been a haven for electronic music creators. Deep within the underground new sounds are constantly being innovated as artist push imagination to the limits. For the most part, like many things in Japan, the electronic music scene is male-dominated. That’s why it is refreshing to see this magnificent woman rise up.

Kyoka’s sound is not cute, baby-voiced pop. She does not and may never adorn rainbows and kittens. Instead, she brings an avant-garde sound that resonates with the industrial machinery of a Japanese city. Her music is slightly dark. It is like the constant hammering of beats that construct the foundation for futuristic worlds only Kyoka can create.

Of course, Kyoka’s music is not for everyone. Probably not even for most people as most people tend to consume mass produced, overly processed, nutritionless, giggling sap.  Those who seek out the underground and electronic music innovation would most likely find Kyoka’s sounds to be fascinating. At the very least, it will leave them scratching their heads wondering where they had ended up in the universe.

The great composer and electronic music innovator, Sakamoto Ryuichi, once said of her, “It sounds like a toy box turned upside down. How can she make such pretty and chaotic sounds? I love it!”

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