PIKA☆ is the master of noise. A drummer from Osaka, she has spent her entire life banging out rhythms in a kind of stream of conscious self-expression. I love how unpredictable the sound is. I also love how imaginative it is. You could call it alternative rock, maybe even math rock, although it doesn’t meander … Continue reading »PIKA☆


In the great melting pot of the Japanese underground there is a band called Toe.  It consists of four members: Yamazaki Hirokazu (gt), Yamane Satoshi (bs), Mino Takaaki(gt), Kashikura Takashi (dr).  Their sound has been described as math rock and post rock.  Their music is mostly instrumental and weaves complex dreamscapes into melodic odysseys of sound.  … Continue reading »Toe

Young Juvenile Youth

Young Juvenile Youth sings us a sweet electro melody full of wispy dreams and futuristic imaginings.  The duo is made up of song writer, vocalist, and lyricist Yuki Matsuda and composer, engineer, and programmer JEMAPUR.  Together they construct synth soundscapes that blend soft pop sounds with Yuki’s quietly sweet voice.  Perhaps the closest comparison we … Continue reading »Young Juvenile Youth


Japan has always been a haven for electronic music creators. Deep within the underground new sounds are constantly being innovated as artist push imagination to the limits. For the most part, like many things in Japan, the electronic music scene is male-dominated. That’s why it is refreshing to see this magnificent woman rise up. Kyoka’s … Continue reading »Kyoka

Noiseconrete x 3chi5

So here we are, exploring territory the Japanese underground is most globally known for, sounds from way out in left field. It’s no surprise that Japan is full of strange and wonderfully bizarre music. Life in the big cities can be stressful and regimented. Many people live under the old adage that the nail that … Continue reading »Noiseconrete x 3chi5