Hanato Chiruran

Japanese culture is quite prominent in this band. The lead singer, Yumiho, always wears a kimono in sleek Japanese traditional style. The wild cries of her vocals blend with almost samurai like band members. Kokeshi on guitar and Karuta on bass look almost anachronistic with their top knotted long hair and slender physiques. And then there’s the Italian drummer, Maakun, who is new to the band. His raven hair and sinewed body looks perfectly at home among the other three.

Wild Japanese rock’n roll this is.  Also, Yumiho’s voice is, without a doubt, uniquely her own. The strange vibration of it is reminiscent of ancient Japanese story tellers who once spun tales about long ago battles fought under some full moon sky.  I’m not saying they sing about battles or that the tunes are ancient. However, this is the sort of the image the band brings to my mind when I her their music.

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