Nao Yoshioka


This formidable vocalist is signed to Tokyo based label, Sweet Soul Records.  Without exaggeration I can say that she is one of the greatest singers in Japan today.  Just like the record label says the music that she creates is beautiful sweet soul.  As with any other scene in the world, the Japanese underground music scene is full of soulful bands and deep soulful singers.  Nao Yoshioka ranks among the best of them.  That’s why she was named SoulTracks’ 2015 New Artist of the Year.

She describes her own style as New York.  I don’t know how true it is. To me she sounds like the Tokyo, where soul music is very much an integral part of the scene.  The bits that are particularly indicative of Tokyo are the neo-soul, slow-jam, get-you-in-the-mood ditties that have a full instrumentations and not just a back track of beats.  There is a sincerity and realness to the music.  The other thing that makes me think of Tokyo is that nap Yoshioka’s style of soul is what Tokyo tends to really go for.

Nao Yoshioka is working hard to take her music from the Japanese beautiful underground to the world.  Don’t be surprised if you see her singing in your town one day.

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