Noiseconrete x 3chi5

So here we are, exploring territory the Japanese underground is most globally known for, sounds from way out in left field. It’s no surprise that Japan is full of strange and wonderfully bizarre music. Life in the big cities can be stressful and regimented. Many people live under the old adage that the nail that sticks up gets hammer down. However, Noiseconrete x 3chi5 is one protruding nail that cannot be driven back to the uniform lines of the obedient masses.

Noiseconrete x 3chi5 is a wild blend of trip hop, industrial noise, and haunting vocals.  It’s the kind of music that can paint soundscapes in your mind. You can float along with it to other worlds and places unknown.  It’s almost like taking a trip through some cinematic dark and gritty universe where anything is bound to jump out at you.  This is the best I can do to describe it. You’ll have to see for yourself or rather, listen.

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