The Bohemians

The Bohemians bring a wonderful charm to the world of guitar pop.  Their compositions are complex and full of textures.  Close your eyes and listen to the music.  You can hear the originality and playfulness of the band as they shift between soundscapes made of beautiful chords and eccentric accents. The androgynous look of the band members is a perfect representation of their musical character, which is masculine and feminine at the same time.  You can hear the testosterone in the power of their rock grooves and the estrogen in the delicate lines that careen through the harder beats.

The Bohemians began their journey in 2005 in Yamagata prefecture, a place known for cherries, Buddhist art, and a massive folkdance festival called Hanagasa Matsuri.  Over the years they have recorded seven albums and collected themselves a sizeable group of fans from across the country.  Each year, their sound evolves and improves.  The highly creative nature of their compositions and the professional caliber of their music means those devotees are well earned.  When it comes to pop/rock, The Bohemians are walking on high heels through the Japanese underground.


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