There is a beautiful tranquility to the sound of Yuga’s (優河) voice. It gives rise to images of open fields and cool summer breezes on blades of grass.  It’s hard to categorize this sound.  I don’t know if I should call it rock, folk, or guitar pop.  What I do know is that she and her guitar alone can reach inside you, all the way to the bones.

What’s striking about Yuga is the simplicity of her look.  She doesn’t go out of her way to adorn herself with sparkling things and layers upon layers of make up.  She appears almost as a naked soul, the way she was born, natural and honest.  That is also how her music sounds.  The truth of it isn’t buried under synthesized, processed layers.  It hovers and moves the way she does, natural and free.

In March of 2018 she plans to release her second full length album on P-Vine Records.

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