About UFUx

Japan is the land of great music…if you know where to look.

People around the world often associate Japan with cute, kitschy, and sometimes bizarre music…overly produced boy and girl bands…anime speed rock…and other such sounds. It’s true, that stuff is here by the ton but there is so much more to the Japanese music scene.

From dance music to heavy metal, Japan has a rich, vibrant and diverse underground.  Just like any creative scene, some of it can be rubbish, like a band I once saw that played polka versions of Beatles songs in their tighty whitey underwear (true story).  If you know where to look, there are some musical power houses in and around the Japanese underground.  One by one we will show them to you on this site.

Disclaimer:  This site is here purely for the purpose of sharing information about great Japanese talent to the world.  No copyright infringement is intended only love. We don’t make any money from this. So, any record labels or artists out there that might want to complain about this site…just take the free publicity and the satisfaction of knowing that the good works you do are putting a smile on people’s faces all over the world.