Noiseconrete x 3chi5

So here we are, exploring territory the Japanese underground is most globally known for, sounds from way out in left field. It’s no surprise that Japan is full of strange and wonderfully bizarre music. Life in the big cities can be stressful and regimented. Many people live under the old adage that the nail that … Continue reading »Noiseconrete x 3chi5

King Gnu

King Gnu can be seen in and around  the Japanese jam session scene.  In particular, members of King Gnu were regulars at the jam session, Battle of Study. This event ran  for several years.  Musicians from all over the country would get together for the biweekly event.  The session was started by Motoharu Fukuda, former saxophonists … Continue reading »King Gnu

Kyotaro & Rikuo

Sometimes the best place to find the greatest greatest underground music is on the streets of Japan. There, you can see the boldest and the coolest musicians in town. Like any place else, however, there’s also crap. Finding a good ban on the streets of Japan can be a treasure hunt but if find a … Continue reading »Kyotaro & Rikuo