DUBSENSEMANIA gather themselves together in 1999 under the leadership of vocalist and melodica player, Ras Takashi. They were a wide-eyed and and ragged bunch full of a love for the sound of dub music. When people think of the Japanese underground only people who have lived in the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka or Aichi can appreciate how deeply reggae music and dub music I loved in Japan. That sound is a very big part of the Japanese underground culture. One of the great pioneers of the music in Japan is DUBSENSEMANIA.

One of the band’s missions was to reinterpret dub music their own unique voice, which was colored by the Japanese experience. The music was also pure to the traditions of dub music, which was first pioneered by King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry and a hot of others in the late 1960s.  The signature sounds of riddim and echos could be heard through instrumental and vocal performances.  Jazz was also blended into the sound to expand the range of musicality and expression.  It was music perfect for laying on a grassy field and watching the clouds go by or dancing in the music halls of the Japanese underground.

In their heyday, DUBSENSEMANIA had quite the cult following. Unfortunately the band broke up in 2007.   After the great earthquake in tsunami of 2011, many of the members move to Okinawa.  After a 10 year hiatus the band got back together and performed at the Itadaki Festival in Shizuoka.  Thousands of festivalgoers rejoiced and the return of one of Japan’s greatest dub bands.  I have it from a very good source that the band will release a new track this year.  Stay tuned for that.

Here is a video clip from one of their rehearsals.

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